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I COULD EAT A HORSE is a multi-artform participatory project exploring the diverse relationships that individuals and communities have with food and the food industry.


Since 2012 A Moment’s Peace have been asking people to dig deep into the how, why and where questions; from personal choices about consumption, to examining who is in control of our access to food.


We’ve been across Scotland carrying out interviews, running workshops, making films, hosting interactive events and eating some very good food along the way. We wanted to know what can our relationships with food and the food industry tell us about Scotland today, what kind of food culture do we want in the future and how do we get there?


This site has been created to offer you an insight into the project, to share our creations and discoveries, as well as to continue the debate with you. So, we invite to explore the site.



the project

Food is a universal subject and something that we all interact with everyday. It differentiates between the poorest and wealthiest. It is tied into issues of health, climate change, economics, as well as land rights and global trade. Food has the power to dictate the potential of all human life.


It is for these reasons A Moment’s Peace made the decision to begin researching the human stories behind its significance and the complex meaning it has within our everyday lives.


The first stage of the project took place in 2012 with Artistic Director Catrin Evans and Associate Artist Maryam Hamidi interviewing people across Scotland whose lives, both personal and professional, were deeply intertwined with the production and consumption of food. They spoke to farmers, growers and local producers; they spoke to supermarket managers, cooks and marketers; they spoke to consumers as they were out and about buying their food. Talking About Food brings together extracts from these interviews for you to explore.


With hours and hours of interview material A Moment’s Peace began to see the complex recurring themes affecting people across the country in a myriad of ways. The deeper we delved into the topic the clearer it became that there was no single story to tell. Instead we wanted to create platforms for people to creatively respond to these themes, to ask questions of themselves, as well as their local and global communities. And so the second stage of the project was born.


I Could Eat A Horse: Films About Food


In the Autumn of 2013 A Moment’s Peace worked with 12 community groups from all across Scotland to create 12 unique short films that focused upon human narratives, but shed light upon, and ask questions of an industry that is increasingly globalised.


Our four creative teams worked for three months in Greater Glasgow, Edinburgh, The North East and Dumfries & Galloway, delivering over a hundred workshops with 146 participants ranging from ages 8 - 80. Each group as tasked with creating a film that reflected their own concerns and/or their experiences of their local community. The result being a collection of rich films, diverse in style and theme, taking on topics ranging from geographical isolation from food, to potential environmental impacts on food systems, the increased reliance upon food banks, multi-cultural diets, the mixed messages young people receive, the power of communal eating and alternative food producing models.


Watch our films and find out more about the groups involved


The final ongoing phase of this project is about sharing our work with wider society, with the hope of provoking further discussions about how food affects and connects us.


Our first event was at the Catstrand in New Galloway, before visiting the CCA in Glasgow, Summerhall in Edinburgh, and finally The Woodend Barn in Banchory. In each venue we invited the groups and local audiences to consider their own connections to food and the associated issues through film screenings, creative exploration and discussion.


More on these events


The first time we brought all twelve films together at one event was at Nourish Scotland’s Annual Conference: Our Common Wealth of Food. In October 2014 Nourish Scotland hosted a 2 day event with 200 local and international delegates with the aim of taking us closer to an ethical food policy.  This inspiring conference enabled us to offer up our films as part of the debate; reaching policy makers, producers, and retailers who are all working to create a fairer food system.


We continue to seek out opportunities to share our films, as well as the discoveries we have made throughout the project. If you are interested in screening any of the films, or have any forthcoming events you would like us to be involved in please contact info@amomentspeace.co.uk


talking about food

This space has been created to share extracts of the interviews carried out by A Moment’s Peace’s Artistic Director Catrin Evans and Associate Artist Maryam Hamidi in 2012. The people we spoke to and the experiences and insights they shared inspired us to develop the film project and continued to inform us throughout its delivery.



Scan through the sections below, hover over any section to read the extract.

films about food

To celebrate the work made by the groups and to provoke further discussions about how food affects and connects us  A Moment’s Peace hosted a series of local events in each region we worked in.

past events

future events


At each event we screened the films made locally and asked the audience to share with us their own stories and experiences.


Throughout the night audiences told about us their favourite food memories, the food producers & retailers they were inspired by, what would be on their ideal shopping list and engaged in imagining what Scotland’s food culture might be like.


The following year all twelve films went on to be screened at Nourish Scotland’s 2014 Conference.

Details of any future I Could Eat A Horse screenings and events will be posted here.


If you are interested in screening any of the films, or have any forthcoming events you would like us to be involved in please contact info@amomentspeace.co.uk


A MOMENT’S PEACE is in the process of developing an Education Workbook to accompany the films which can be used by schools, colleges and community groups to inspire their own creative responses to the topics we’ve explored throughout I COULD EAT A HORSE. Further details of these resources will be updated soon.


I COULD EAT A HORSE is the second in a triptych of food-focused projects led by A Moment’s Peace. In 2012 we created a local performance and cooking project PLAYING WITH FOOD, in Cranhill, Glasgow. We are currently in the process of developing the third installment of the triptych. EAT ME is touring show for primary schools exploring our desire to eat more and more and more.




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